Kenai Peninsula Trout Unlimited Receives Grant for 2020

Kenai Peninsula Trout Unlimited, Chapter 229, was chosen for an Embrace A Stream (EAS) grant, awarded by the National Trout Unlimited organization. The grant will be used to fund a project designed to map anadromous streams on the Kenai Peninsula, verifying current entries and adding new entries to the State of Alaska Anadromous Waters Catalog. The Anadromous Water Catalog documents usage of waters by all life stages of salmonid species and is used as a reference for resource development and other habitat decisions. The Chapter hopes to add previously unlisted streams to the state catalogue, which in turn will provide baseline data that can measurably support the establishment of stream protection in the future.

During the first phase of this project, The Chapter plans to recruit and train volunteer crews in identifying life stages of salmonids and document their presence in at least 12 different water bodies. By mapping these streams, Trout Unlimited has the long-term potential to increase further protections at both state and local levels for undocumented water bodies.

The goals of the project are to improve the salmonid habitat database on the Kenai Peninsula, and to build a local constituency to promote protection of its aquatic resources. Salmon are a principal economic driver on the peninsula and as the peninsula attracts more residents and visitors, salmon habitat reduction becomes a growing problem.

Most of the project is dependent on volunteers, in-kind labor and donated equipment. The EAS grant will help cover the cost of rental of fixed wing float plane, some equipment purchases, ATV’s and snowmobiles rental.