Mission Statement:

Engage our community and advocate for sustainable fisheries on the Kenai Peninsula.



The Kenai Peninsula Chapter of Trout Unlimited will work to ensure that native and wild coldwater fish thrive within the Kenai Peninsula for generations to come.



  • Healthy watersheds and clean water
  • Wild fish populations
  • Education and awareness in preserving the fishery
  • Stewardship and advocacy
  • Commitment to members
  • Quality people and partnerships


2024 Board Members:

  • President - Roger Sensabaugh
  • Vice president -  Shayne Pond
  • Treasurer - Bob Mires
  • Secretary - Tony Lewis
  • Kenai Special Project Assistant - Dave Atcheson
  • Kenai Peninsula Engagement Coordinator- Alexa Millward
  • Rachel Sensabaugh
  • William (Bill) Tappan
  • Ben Meyer
  • John Bryan
  • Elizabeth Hardie
  • Kevin Duffie


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