KPTU and the Kenai Watershed Forum Map Salmon Habitat on the Kenai Peninsula

The Kenai Peninsula Chapter of Trout Unlimited in partnership with the Kenai Watershed Forum has received funding from the Trout Unlimited Embrace a Stream grant to document salmon habitat on the Kenai Peninsula. This project involves surveying streams for the presence of juvenile salmon with the goal of adding the stream to the Anadromous Waters Catalogue (AWC). The AWC is used to identify which streams, rivers, and lakes are important to anadromous fish species and therefore afforded protection under AS 16.05.871. 

Since 2021 we have documented 17.6 river miles and 1,152 lake acres. We have had a total of 310 volunteer hours and have captured over 3000 fish. This project is a great way for the community to get involved in citizen science research happening right in our backyard on the Kenai Peninsula. 

Contact us for more information and to get involved! 

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